Ski school, rental Janské Lázně

Private lessons

Are you fans of intensive work and fast results achievement? It satisfies the pace of learning in a group? Do you want your instructor for yourself and your skiing skills on maximum? Individual instructors access in our ski school guarantee you quick progress in mastering all skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding and ski-touring skills.

V.I.P. lessons

Just you and your insructor. The fastest way to actually learn skiing. Suitable for fast progress of beginners and improvement of advanced skiers.

VIP private - 1 instruktor, 1 client

Days 1/2 1 2 Another hour
1 person 1380 Kč 2500 Kč 4000 Kč 500 Kč
Morning bird (8:30—10:00) 800 Kč      
Night owl (18:00—19:30) 800 Kč      

 1 day = 4 hours lesson

1 hour = 55 min.

Reservation by

+420 731 655 430

Online reservation

Electronic reservations are accepted 48 hours in advance. If you want to make a reservation in a shorter term, please call +420 731 655 430. 

Family and friends

Order your private lessons and go to the ski slopes with your family and friends. Benefits of these lessons are closed group, optionable time and possibility to choose an instructor.

Days 1/2 1 2 Another hour
1 person 1380 Kč 2500 Kč 4000 Kč 500 Kč
Another person per hour 300 Kč      

 1 day = 4 hour lesson

1 hour = 55 min.