From the path in the treetops by scooter

We will lend you an off-road scooter and a helmet, at the car park entrance to the Tree Top Walk. You will ride on a scooter to the gondola lift which will take you up to the top of Černá hora. Then there is an exciting downhill ride just for you, not only on asphalt but also along forest trails. You will return the scooter at the Tree Top Walk base.

If you do not want to go downhill only, you can modify your trip as desired. We will recommend you various options around Janské Lázně and we will lend you a trekking scooter instead of a special downhill one.

You can choose from two trails, which you can save in your smartphone using a QR code. You will find the maps in the gallery on the left.

The rental shop is located by the car park entrance to the Tree Top Walk.

Loan period 2 hours 3 hours Full day
Price CZK 250 CZK 350 CZK 450


Location Pickup price
Svoboda nad Úpou CZK 200
Černý Důl CZK 300
Pec pod Sněžkou, Černá hora CZK 500

Try our downhill routes in the area of Černý Důl, Pec pod Sněžkou and Svoboda nad Úpou. You will hand over the bikes in the final destination and we will take care of the rest.

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