Electric bikes

Explore the beauty of Krkonoše on an electric bicycle without a huge effort. Rent this bike at our office, we offer bicycles made by Rock Machine and Apache companies. We also offer a regular bicycles of all categories - mens, women and children. 

Thanks to inovative system of assistance you feel like you are riding a regular bike, but with these bikes it requires just a small effort. Electic bikes will help you move easily in mountain terrain and improve your range. Electric bike will help to ride a bicycle just as a highly trained biker.

Electric bike is an opportunity for you to enjoy the beauty of Krknoše and get the most of your trip.

Number of days 1/2 1 2 3 4 next days
price per bike 590 Kč 750 Kč 1500 Kč 2200 Kč 2800 Kč  open to discuss

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