Ski school, rental Pec pod Sněžkou

Ski mountaineering center MOVEMENT, SCARPA

This year we have prepared a new ski mountaineering center for you in cooperation with ALPSPORT. The test centere is equipped with MOVEMENT skis with a light ATK pin binding and SCARPA boots. In cooperation, we also offer alpine tours with a guide, where you can learn the basics of ski mountaineering or go down Sněžka. More in the Sports Activities section.

Experienced ski alpinists and freeriders do not need to introduce MOVEMENT skis, but with their return

to the Czech market we would like to introduce the brand. design. After a three-year period of development, they entered the market, where their skis soon became a cult brand of young skiers who are engaged in freeriding, ski touring, freestyle or telemark.

Innovation and tradition, two elements strongly rooted in the SCARPA® brand, which remains a company

of the Parisotto family in Veroital Asol. The company has been engaged in the production of footwear since 1938 and looking back on its history proves its huge innovation potential and constant emphasis on high quality in all respects. SCARPA® is an inspiration for many other manufacturers.

We offer MOVEMENT skis for testing: Session 89, Vertex 84, Apple 80,
SCARPA shoes: Flash, Gea WMN 3.0

Days 1 2 3 4 Other days by agreement
Ski rental price  990 CZK 1980 CZK 2850 CZK 3760 CZK  
Boot rental price 250 CZK        

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