About us

Open the Door to our Ski School

Founded in 1976, K+K Ski School is one of the longest running ski schools in the Krkonoše Mountains. Janské Lázně is our home but you can also find us in Pec pod Sněžkou and other resorts of the eastern Krkonoše Mountains.

How did it all begin?

K+K Ski School has a very long history. The beginnings date back to 1976, after Mr. Jaroslav Vojtěch, grandfather of the current owner Kateřina Kočí Vojtěchová, started making a living by running what he called a “Public Ski School”. Back then, thanks to a group of ski enthusiasts, Janské Lázně was one of the most famous skiing resorts. Downhill championships and ski jumping competitions were held here, slopes and lifts were under construction and all that thanks to the passion and love for skiing.

“I have been skiing ever since I can remember” says Kateřina Kočí Vojtěchová. “One of my earliest memories of skiing is from a skiing competition for the participants of my grandfathers public ski school, when one lady asked me, a five year old girl: “Hey, kid, you can ski so well, how do you do that?” I gave it a good thought and found out that I did not actually know how to do it, it came to me naturally.” After many years of ski racing, many APUL courses, years in the teaching committee
and in the APUL Executive Committee, after many lessons taught both in the Czech Republic and abroad and after running a ski school with a team of professional instructors, lecturers and mountain guides for almost two decades, we know exactly how to teach people to “ski so well”.

K+K Ski School has the best instructors with years and years of experience and is now one of the leading
and the most professional ski schools that help build the future of skiing in the Czech Republic. Together with other ski schools that take their mission responsibly, we are members of the Association of Professional Ski Teachers (APUL), where our instructors get their training and the best ones then become lecturers, so they could pass on their skills and knowledge. We teach the art of downhill skiing and snowboarding to both beginners and advanced skiers, and we also teach cross-country skiing, ski touring and telemark techniques.

We joined the APUL Winter Children’s League project which guarantees unified methodology, safe children skiing zones and a professional approach to kid teaching. We also run our own children zone. There is a rope tow and a ski carousel, where children can practice their skiing technique off the slopes. Here, they can learn coordination in a profiled terrain and then move to an easy slope with a smooth finish where they get all that is left to be able to move to bigger lifts. Our instructors who have the APUL D certification specialize in teaching children.

The school management runs a programme for improving the qualifications and skills of our instructors: we organize training sessions several times a week and we also support instructors in getting new experience all around the world. You can meet our instructors not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Austria, Switzerland, Canada, New Zealand or even Japan.

We run several rental shops offering downhill skis, cross-country skis, sledges and ski touring skis. We organize competitions, we participate in them and we win! This is because we simply love skiing. Our passion has become our job, but not a routine. We have managed to combine who we are with what we do. And we have found a place where we belong.

However, many of us are not just skiers, and we decided to start offering summer activities, too. We built one of the longest rope adventure parks in the Czech Republic, we organize climbing courses led by our mountain guides, we organize rafting trips, we do tandem parachuting, rent scooters and we just enjoy the scenery of the Krkonoše Mountains, because here, on the foothills of our highest mountains in Janské Lázně, is our home.