About us

Open the door to ski school

K+K Ski School belongs to the longest acting ski schools in Krkonoše since 1976. Mainly we are in Janské Lázně but you can find us in Pec pod Sněžkou or other places in east Krkonoše.

How does it all began ? 

K+K Ski School has long history. It all started in year 1976 when Mr. Jaroslav Vojtěch, grandfather of the current owner Kateřina Kočí-Vojtěchová, started the „Public ski school“. Thanks to group of skiing enthusiasts Janské Lázně were one of the most popular ski grounds that time. They organized downhill championships or jumping races. They were so excited about skiing so they started building new ski slopes and lifts.

„I do skiing from my young age“, says Kateřina Kočí-Vojtěchová. „One of my oldest memories on skiing is from ski competition of recreants in my grandfather's public ski school, when some women asked me: „You are really good at turning. How do you do that?“.  I deeply thought about that and I relised that I absolutely didn't know how I was doing that. It was just happening on its own. After many years of racing, courses APUL, many years being a part of the teacher body and APUL executive committee, many taught lessons in Czech republic and abroad and almost two decades of leadership in ski school with a team of top instructors, lectors and mountain guides we know exactly how to achieve the perfect turning. 

K+K Ski School builts on longtime experience of the best instructors and belongs to the biggest and the most proffesional ski schools which creates future of skiing in Czech republic. As all ski schools which are responsible for their function we are a member of Asociation of proffesional ski teachers (APUL). Our instructors are educated in APUL and the best of them become lectors so they can pass on their experiences. We can teach you downhill skiing or snowboarding from beginner to advanced but also cross-country skiing, ski touring or telemark skiing technique.

We joined the project of winter children's league APUL which guarantees uniform child methodology, safe kids grounds and professional approach to teaching. We have our own children's area with rope lift and ski carousel where your kids can learn how to use the ski equipment and coordination in profile terrain. Instructors who are specialized for children's education have certificate APUL D.  

School management tries to focus on improvement and education of our insctructors. We organize trainings for them several times a week and we support them in learning and gaining experience around the world. You can meet our instructors abroad for example in Austria, Italy, Switzerland, even Canada, New Zealand or Japan.

We have multiple rentals where you will find ski for downhill or cross-country skiing, sledges or ski touring equipment. We also organize small competitions. Our work is a great fun for us not a routine. We were able to put together who we are with what we love to do and we found place where we belong.

A lot of us aren't just skiers that's why we started with summer activities we have bulit one of the longest rope parks in Czech republic. We organize climbing courses under control of mountain leaders from our team, we go down the river, we fly on tandem parachutes, we rent scooters and overall we enjoy every oportunity which Krkonoše mountains give us.