ski touring BLACK & WHITE

How about a good portion of ski touring?

We offer a full-day hike around Jánské Lázně just for you. Climb up Světlá and Černá hora “BLACK & WHITE”. Your first all-day alpine hike will take place under the supervision of a mountain guide. You will get acquainted with the ski equipment, learn how to climb on your skis, try basic turns and the correct moving habits for a comfortable and safe ascent, including spacing requirements and tactics. The guide will help you prepare for going downhill and show you the correct techniques of downhill skiing and in general the techniques of free ride.

The attendees of this course need to be physically fit and have good skiing skills (they need to at least feel safe going down red ski slopes). During the hike you will learn about the basics of avalanche rescue management (locating bodies buried under an avalanche) and how to avoid avalanches in general, including the correct choice of the climbing or free ride terrains. You will love this winter trip in the highest Czech mountains.

Must be booked at least 2 days in advance

Meeting point: K+K rental shop at the Hotel u Kabinky

Expected elevation gain: 900 m

Price per 1 person for 6 hours CZK 3500
Every other person CZK 500

Recommended equipment: gloves, helmet, ski goggles, spare jacket in your backpack, a drink or snack, hat or scarf, cash which can be used in a mountain hut or in a snack bar


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