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Private lessons for advanced

Have you been skiing since you were a kid and have no trouble going down red or black slopes? Do you love skiing as a sport and you don’t really care about how steep the terrain is anymore? Do you prefer a perfectly groomed slope and you don’t feel like going back in the afternoons, when the slopes are not in such a good condition? Then we have a perfect offer just for you! Hit the slopes with our top instructors certified by global associations.

Our instructors get their experience not only in the mountains of the Czech Republic, but also in Whistler in Canada, Mayrhofen in Austria, in the Swiss Alps or as far as in New Zealand!

Why have a ski instructor with you when you are able to go down almost all of the slopes in the Czech Republic like a pro? As in many other sports like tennis, professional sportsmen use personal trainers who plays the balls reliably and accurately with a steady hand. This way they have time to practice their strikes. It is the same with skiing. Your instructor will find the right way, the right speed and the style of skiing suitable for you so that you always have enough space for improving your technique and you feel safe at the same time.

Why improve your skiing technique? Even though it doesn’t seem like it, skiing is one of the most technically demanding sports. For example, if we want to go down an uneven terrain without any difficulties (and you want the ride to be easy on the eye), we need to make the turns automatically and systematically.

When skiing with an instructor, you will talk about proper ski guidance. For example, how to ski as effectively and as smoothly as possible. If necessary, we will discuss the phases of making turns an how to combine these so that in the end you can make smooth turns and leave a nice “S” shaped trail behind you.

What will be our goal? To make maximum use of your skiing equipment (ski, boots), ski with minimum effort and enjoy the ride, no matter what the snow conditions are!

Price per lesson CZK 1940
Price for 1 lesson additional person CZK 760
Special offers the advanced  
Early bird (8:30 a.m. — 9:55 a.m.) CZK 1050
Evening owl (6:00 p.m — 20:00 p.m.) CZK 1050

1 lesson = 1 hour 50 minutes


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We accept electronic reservations 48 hours in advance. If you want to make an earlier reservation, please call +420 731 655 428.