Climbing and rappelling

During one day or whole weekend stay in rocks with licensed mountain guide you will earn a new skills of a rock climbing, movement around rocks and you will get to know the differences of rock climbing and artificial wall climbing. These experiences will leave you with new memories and new skills.

Content of rock climbing course

  • Education of climbing technique
  • Use of climbing equipment in rocks
  • Basics of securing
  • Rappelling
  • Securing co-climber
  • Trying variety of climbing and safety equipment
  • Making a safe climbing base


Depends on you! It is necessary to give us a call in forward.

Climbing sites

  • Sandstone sites: Teplicko adršpašské skály – Suché skály — Český ráj
  • Tightrock sites: Bořeň – Českomoravská vrchovina – Skály v okolí Prahy
Day 1
1 Person 3 000 Kč
2 Persons 5 000 Kč
More persons Price to discussion

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